Golden Two-Four Rules and Regulations



Open men
Open women
40+ men (age 40 or older as of Race Start)

Open men (4 males)
Open women (4 females)
Open mixed

4-PERSON JUNIOR (under 80)
Total combined age under 80 as of race start

Open Gender (any combination)
Age group (under 150, 150-199, 200-249, 250+) – combined age as of race start

Corporate 6-10 PERSON
Any combination of 6-10 riders, each must complete at least one lap


Open men
Open women
Under 20 (age 19 or younger as of Race Start)

Open men (two males)
Open women (two females)
Open mixed (one male, one female)

2-PERSON Under 20 (each member age 19 or younger as of Race Start)
Open men
Open women
Open mixed


Lights. All 24 Hour riders must have a headlamp with a minimum power of 6W and 150 lumens, although higher powered lighting systems are recommended. Most riders prefer two lights, one mounted on the handlebars and one on the helmet.

Backup light. All 24 Hour riders must carry some form of backup light, such as a small flashlight or penlight which may be carried in a pack.

Rear flashing light. All 24 Hour riders must have a rear flashing red light.

Light Charging. A neutral light charging station will be available in the expo area. All riders must bring their own chargers are mark any equipment with their name.

Mandatory Light Times. 8:00 PM: lights mounted on bikes starting a lap; 10:00 PM: lights burning for all bikes on course; 5:30 AM lights may be off, not required for starting.

Bicycle. All riders must have an appropriate bike for intermediate singletrack riding in mountainous terrain. Riders are responsible for ensuring that their bikes are in good working order. Mechanics will be available in the expo area should you have issues requiring additional support. E-bikes are not permitted.

Helmet. A certified cycling helmet is required at all times while on course.


Camping Areas. Camping is included at the Keith King Memorial Park. There are a limited number of RV and car-camping spots available, which must be reserved in advance. Our camp team will be available to assist with move-in to tent camping areas.

Alcohol. Alcohol is only permitted in the designated beer gardens.

Fires. Open fires are not permitted except in designated fire pits provided by the event.

Garbage and Recycling. Participants are responsible for their own garbage. All garbage must be promptly placed in the bins provided to avoid attracting bears. Please sort your trash and use the provided recycling receptacles.

Pets. All dogs must be kept on leash at all times. Owners are responsible for collecting and disposing of pet waste.

Quiet Times. The event venue backs onto a residential area, and some fellow riders are sleeping. Please turn off music and generators from 10 PM – 7 AM.


Designated Team Captain. Each team must have a designated captain and co-captain. The team captain is responsible for all aspects of Team Registration, administration, and correspondence. Any protests must be handled by the team captain.

In case of the absence of the captain, the co-captain may take his or her place. The team captains and co-captains may attend the Team  Captains’ meeting on Saturday at 10 AM.

Solo Pit Manager. Solo riders may have a solo pit manager who may also attend the Team Captain’s meeting.


Volunteer Shifts. All 5 person and 6-10 person teams must provide one volunteer for a 3-5 hour volunteer shift. Volunteer shifts may be in the transition tent, at a checkpoint on course, or marshaling. You may sign up for your volunteer shift at the sign-on. Volunteers may be a member of the team but do not need to be a racer. Volunteers also receive t-shirts. 


Course Description. The course is approx. 14.5km and takes place in the Mountain Shadows trail network. The route is primarily singletrack, but there are some double track and road sections for passing. There is approx. 500m of climbing per lap.

No Littering. Littering is strictly prohibited and grounds for disqualification. All riders are responsible for ensuring that they don’t drop anything including gel or other nutrition wrappers.

Stay on course. The course will be well marked with pin flags, flagging tape and arrows. If you go off course, return to the point at which you left the course. It is the rider’s responsibility to follow course markings at all times. Intentional or unintentional cutting of the course will be subject to time or lap penalties, and possible disqualification.


Lemans Start. The start will be a Lemans Style Start, where the first riders will run a short loop and then pick their bikes up from the bike rack area before starting on the official course. First rider bikes must be racked at least 15 minutes prior to the race start.


On Course Support. There are no restrictions on on-course support. Mechanical or feeding support are allowed. There will also be one neutral aid station on course with nutrition support. Anyone supporting on course must be well off the race track and may not impede the progress of other racers.

Passing rules. Slower riders must yield to faster riders. If you are walking a portion of the course, or if you are lapped, please pull to the side when the trail is wide enough to allow it and let the passing rider go by. If you want to pass a slower rider, use the phrase “track left” or “track right” to request the chance to pass.

Sportsmanship and Conduct. All riders must display sportsmanlike behaviour and conduct themselves with civility. All participants and supporters must use appropriate language with other racers, race officials and crew. All municipal, provincial and federal laws must be followed at all times.

Protests. Protests must be submitted in writing no later than 11:00 AM on Sunday. The Race Director will handle all protests and issue a decision.

One rider on course. Only one rider at a time may be on the official race course. If there is a mechanical or injury on course and someone can’t finish a lap, they must cancel the lap in the transition tent. See cancelled laps below.

Minimum Age. The minimum age to participate is 12, but all riders should be able to complete a lap in under 2 hours.


Chip Timing. Chip times will be recorded via ankle chips at the start and end of each lap. Ankle chips must be returned at the completion of the event, or you will be charged a $50 chip fee.

Manual Timing. Manual timing will be recorded in the timing tent. Riders must check in and out of the transition tent at the start and end of each lap.

Dismount. All riders must dismount at the marked location just before the finish arch and run through the finish and into the timing tent on foot.

Checking In. The next rider to leave must check in with the designated volunteer in the timing tent at least 15 minutes prior to their teammate on course finishing.

Cancelled Laps. Riders unable to complete a lap due to mechanical or injury may cancel their lap at the timing tent or at the checkpoint. A new rider from that team may then start a lap. The cancelled lap does not count.

Team Category.  Teams are responsible for ensuring that they are registered in the correct age and gender category. Any category inaccuracies must be reported to the race office tent by 1 PM Saturday, or the team won’t be eligible for official ranking.


Latest Start. You may start your last lap until 9:59:59 AM Sunday. No laps may be started after this time. You have until 10:59:59 AM to finish your last lap.

8-Hour Finish. You may start your last lap until 5:59:59 PM Saturday. No laps may be started after this time. You have until 6:59:59 PM to finish your last lap.

Ranking. Your team ranking is based on the number of laps your team has completed, along with the time at which your last lap was completed. If you have completed the same number of laps as another team, the team that completed the last lap earlier will be ranked higher. Lap time is based on the time you crossed under the finish arch (chip time).