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In 2002, the first TransRockies rolled out of Fernie, BC bound for Canmore, Alberta nearly 600km and 7 riding days away. Roughly 100 pioneers headed out into the unknown in North America’s first multi-day epic mountain bike race. At the time, they couldn’t know that the TransRockies would change the face of mountain biking in North America, spawning a host of multi-day epic imitators and attracting thousands of competitors from all around the World.

Supported by Travel Alberta, the TransRockies returned to its origins in 2010 with a brand new route from Fernie to Canmore through the most spectacular scenery in North America. In 2011 we further refinined this route to include more high quality single-track than ever before. Run by the best and most experienced event team in the business, the 2012 TransRockies is going to set the new standard for multi-day biking events with a revised 400km continuous route through the high Canadian Rockies that includes the most singletrack, the biggest mountains, the best and most complete rider support, and a host of new event services like shuttles to local towns and later start times.

Consider these reasons to Register Today for Canada’s Best Mountain Bike Adventure in 2012:

Great New Route

For 2011, we have made some huge route improvements, with three new stages which have been designed to eliminate road riding and increase the amount of time spent on high quality trails. A shorter, better, rideable route mean that participants will spend at least 70 per cent of their time riding on trail each day while still enjoying the unique TransRockies mix of wilderness camping, Western Hospitality and complete support.
Competitors Racing

10th Anniversary – 10 years of True Mountain Biking Adventure

After 10 years in the saddle, the TransRockies organization is ready for the best ever edition of the now legendary event. TransRockies has always been known for backcountry adventure, spectacular scenery, camaraderie and teamwork. In recent years, we’ve been constantly innovating to bring you more high quality singletrack riding, a better participant experience, and more options with our TR3 and TR4 offerings.

This year will epitomize the TransRockies legend of true mountain biking adventure, and at the same time offering the best mountain bike event experience anywhere. TransRockies is still a “difficult but doable” mountain biking adventure, but it also offers the best riding experience on mountain trails, and the best rider support of any mountain bike stage race in the world.

Spectacular Mountain Vistas

The TransRockies continues to put more “mountain” in your mountain biking with a route across the top of the Canadian Rockies in high alpine wilderness and through Kananaskis Country, one the Jewels of Canada’s Park system. Riders will cross the Continental Divide on their way to Canmore on a route which includes almost zero traffic, cities and strategic bus transfers designed to maximize your enjoyment.

Still setting the standard for Participant Support & High Production Values

TransRockies sets the standard for full-spectrum participant support and flawless event production thanks to an event team which has organized dozen of high level events. Daily awards, video and photos and a Gala Final Banquet to make this the best-run and executed event anywhere while hot showers, plentiful and delicious food, massage, bike service and daily bag/tent service make for the best rider support in the business.

Later Start Times

Alberta Race
We’re using the shorter daily stages to tighten up our daily itinerary giving you an extra hour in bed each night thanks to later start times and earlier awards presentations. Our normal starting time is 9am and there are NO early mornings for ferry rides :). A new “relaxation expo” will provide a great venue for after-ride unwinding and earlier awards ceremonies will give you more time for unwinding. In 2012, TransRockies will combine the ultimate adventure with the most relaxed daily schedule.

New TR Amenity Shuttles

While TransRockies prides itself on the most complete support in the sport in our race villages, sometimes nothing replaces a quick run into town to find cell phone coverage and make a quick call home, do some laundry, or stock up on basics from the general store. By running shuttles to town, we’re balancing the beautiful wilderness aspects of the race with a little more civilization for the riders that need it.

A better night’s sleep

Thanks to our new schedule, TR riders will get a better night’s sleep.  This year we are also offering a premium sleeping pad option and opportunity for more tent space. You can leave your sleeping pad at home and rent one of ours for a nominal fee, giving you more room in your gear bag and less stuff to move around. We’re also offering a convenient option to upgrade to single occupancy tent camping.

TR3, TR4 or TR7. Make Your Choice Today.

Three or four days Solo, or Seven days in a team of two. Two great options to experience an incredible fully-supported stage racing experience!